Memories of Eden

A mind is a maze; mine, a labyrinth of Fantasy

#tbt I was like “FIRST NIGGA! REAL NIGGA! ALL DAY! JUST ME! BY MYSELF! 1 EGG! 9 MONTHS! YOU EVER BEEN IMPREGNATED GURH?!” Then @decemberrose12 was like “oh company!” πŸ˜† & I was like “…bitch. I was still first.” πŸ˜’
Me in my favorite car, a 2015 Ford Mustang #2014detroitautoshow #DreamCar #Ambition
I can’t figure out which one to watch! I’m bouta do #InnieMinnieMinyMoe! 😩
#regram I’ve never been really materialistic. The most expensive things I buy are generally shoes or jeans. I have an appreciation for money but a love for gratitude.
2014, meet the Family. #LaFamilia #NYE @the_blackskipp @d_partlow @hog_life
As we’re about to enter a new year, I would like to use my time more productively & meaningfully. Take all the lessons or my past, mistakes & triumphs, & incorporate them into growing more as a man. It’s a blessing I made it to see the end of this turbulent year but tomorrow isn’t promised.
Little Red Robbing Hood. #FreshPrinceWithMyHighTopFade 😎
Little Red Robbing Hoods.
Me & my twin @decemberrose12 last nite at skybar for our bday.